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Welcome to XNATMAP

A site for preserving NATMAP's (The Division of National Mapping) history and maintaining contact with the people who were part of that history. As the Australian Landsat Station (ALS), later the Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES) was part of the Division its history also forms part of this site.

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Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 : Fifty Years On.

What's New

    As of 1 August 2016

    • Albert Francis (Bert) Hurren (1915-2012) devoted some 36 years of his life to Australia's mapping endeavours. Bert was a senior non-commissioned officer and later a commissioned officer in the Australian Survey Corps between 1940 and 1948. Bert joined the National Mapping Section of the Department of Interior in 1948 and was the officer-in-charge of Nat Map's Technical Services Section until his retirement in 1976. This article by Laurie McLean is a tribute to Bert Hurren and a brief sketch of his life.
    • John Allen recently came across a story involving Nat Map's Howard Angus Bill Johnson. Remembering hearing about the events at the time, John has provided further detail for this article.
    • On 21 April 1966, the National Mapping Council adopted the Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 (AGD66). This datum was later proclaimed in the Commonwealth Gazette No. 84 on 6 October 1966. AGD66 was the first Australian datum and now fifty years later preparations are well underway for the new 2020 datum. Whether we say Happy Birthday or RIP AGD66, its determination was a necessary and significant event in Australia's mapping history and its significance is briefly reviewed in this article Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 : Fifty Years On.
    • Frank Johnston (Natmap 1971-73) recently gave a presentation on Surveying Methods for Control of Mapping. Frank kindly provided a copy of this presentation which has been converted to a PDF file for easier reading.
    • At its meeting of 2 June 2016, the ACT Heritage Council decided to register the Natmap's original Orroral Geodetic Observatory. The information and documents for this article were kindly provided by John Manning and Bob Twilley.
    • Ted Graham has contributed photographs from his fieldwork with Natmap's Geodetic Survey, Ground Marking for Aerodist and Aerodist Operations.
    • Bronze Age Trig, Menhir de Kerloas, contributed by Bill Stuchbery.
    • The Aerodist airborne distance measuring system was used by Nat Map between 1963 and 1974 to obtain horizontal ground control for the 1:100,000 scale national topographic map series. Laurie McLean has prepared this extensive article on Nat Map's Aerodist years in consultation with many of the Nat Mappers who were involved in the Aerodist program from up to over half a century ago. The article incorporates many of these Nat Mappers' recollections.
    • Previously in What's New

    • Trailbrazers: Australia's 50 greatest explorers : Natmappers who happen to be in central Sydney between 28 November 2015 and 18 July 2016 may be interested in viewing this exhibition at the Australian Museum at 1 William Street adjacent to Hyde Park. One of the explorers featured in the exhibition for his prolific Antarctic surveying and exploring is Syd Kirkby MBE who worked with Natmap in Melbourne from 1959 to 1984.
    • Oral histories given by National Mapping pesonnel, as recorded by the National Library of Australia, can now be accessed from the list of major links at the top of the Home (this) Page below the logo, above.
    • For over half a century Nat Mappers have been recognised from time-to-time through the Australian Honours and Awards system for outstanding service to mapping and to other fields of endeavour. Two more Nat Mappers were recognised for their service in the Honours list announced by the Governor-General on 26 January 2016. Details of all those Nat Mappers known to have been honoured over the years can be found at this link.

    • Available National Mapping Technical Reports may now be accessed.

    • Full proceedings, including maps, of the Conference of the Director of Commonwealth Lands and Surveys, the Surveyor-General and the Government Astronomer of New Zealand, and the Surveyors-General of the States of the Commonwealth of Australia; Melbourne, 20th to 25th May, 1912, has been added.

    • All editions of the NATMAP News are now available online.
    • All articles and papers about the USAF Southwest Pacific Survey, Project AF60-13 and its use of HIRAN can now be found via this link.

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