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Prepared by Paul Wise June - December 2014



Clark, Barry AJ (2015), Influences of German Science and Scientists on Melbourne Observatory, The Royal Society of Victoria, Vol.127, pp.43-58, accessed at :


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Colonial Victoria’s first Government Astronomer Robert Ellery (for those that have forgotten, Ellery’s name was given to the building that housed Natmap in Dandenong, Victoria, from 1977 to 1997).


Ellery’s use of the telegraph to coordinate time both in the city and country towns.


From 1913, a radio telegraph station at the Melbourne Observatory in the Domain, which still exists near the Shrine, was used daily for two years to receive weather observations from Mawson’s Antarctic station at Commonwealth Bay via a relay station at Macquarie Island. Melbourne Observatory used this link in 1913 to exchange clock beats with Mawson’s station to determine its longitude and again in 1914 to determine the longitude of Mawson’s winter quarters at Adelie Land.