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Here we present both historical and most recent photos. If you have any that you'd like to share with us please see our Submissions page for details on size, type and who to send it to.

Historical Photos

Album of photographs, taken during his days of field work, courtesy Laurie Edebohls.

Album of photos from the Aerodist days courtesy Carl McMaster and Frank Leahy et.al.

Album of photos from his time with Natmap's Geodetic Survey, Ground Marking for Aerodist and Aerodist Operations courtesy Ted Graham. Ted's 1980 Heard Island photographs may be viewed here.

Tony with the Tavistock - photograph courtesy Bob Skitch.

Album of photos from his time with Aerodist courtesy Ian Ogilvie.

A selection of photos from Bill Jeffery courtesy of Neale Jeffery.

In the Rialto and Dandenong offices with Kev Moody - photos courtesy Myra Moody and Des Young's memory for the early names.

A selection of photos from Kevin Snell from 1964-67 in WA, SA & Qld.

Album of photos courtesy Peter Langhorne with additions by Harry Baker, Laurie McLean, Oz Ertok, Brian Shaddick, Ted Graham & Carl McMaster.

Album of photos courtesy Murray Porteous.

Album of photos whilst on Aerodist Ops in Queensland, courtesy Des Young.

Album of photos from Dandenong & Canberra Offices field work, courtesy Dave Abreu.

Album of photos courtesy Andrew Porteous.

Album of photos courtesy Laurie McLean & Lawrie O'Connor.

Album of photos courtesy Bill Stuchbery.

Albums of photos courtesy Jim Steed.

| 1970-72 | 1973 (1) | 1973 (2) | 1974-75 | 1975 | 1976-77 |

Album of photos courtesy Vicki McRae.

Album of photos courtesy Adrian Wright collection.

Album of photos courtesy Oz Ertok

Album of slides on Jupiter Well - courtesy Ed Burke


In the Rialto and Dandenong offices with Kev Moody - photos courtesy Myra Moody and Des Young's memory for the early names.

Album of photos from Alan Scott

Photos of 1982 Christmas Party Reunion - courtesy Des Young

Photos taken during Dandenong social activities - saved from destruction by Des Young
Set One | Set Two

Album of the RIALTO era building and staff

Album with photos of Natmap's then senior staff in the 1960s and 1980s

Photos of Melbourne National Mapping staff from 1953 and 1965

Various historical photos of staff from Canberra

Various historical photos of Canberra offices & activities

Photographs from the retirement functions for Orest Jacovlavich [James] (Bob) Bobroff on 26 March 1982, David Roy (Dave) Hocking on 16 August 1985, and William Alan (Alan) Thomson on 12 May 1987.

An album of photographs taken on 29 March 1984 at the retirement function for Byrne Goodrick, Chief Executive Officer Cartography, at Natmap.

An album of photographs taken on 11 July 1985 at the retirement function for Bob Robinson, Chief Executive Officer Cartography, at Natmap.

In 1979 & 81 the International Mapping Cup was eagerly sought after by both the Canberra and Dandenong Offices on the Cricket field on the impartial turf of Corowa. It being the nominal halfway point between the two cities and close to some nice wine.
The results are 'lost' to history (in the spirit of brotherhood) but the gatherings forged a closer bond between the staff of the two offices who at best only knew each other via telephone.
When looking at the faces it is sad to reflect that a number have already passed on but their contribution to those days will be remembered.
Apologies if my "facial recognition" is incorrect and please let the VIC Editor know so any errors can be corrected.

Natmap Dandenong Office Staff Photo 1984
In late 1984 the staff of the Natmap Dandenong Office were photographed. The original negatives have been provided by Alan Scott and scanned at high resolution and digitally mosaiced to provide the image here. This image is capable of significant on-screen enlargement.[Ozcan Ertok did not make the photo or the omissions list so I give him special mention here - Ed]

Most Recent Photos

Photos from the Ground Marking Get-together at The Rialto - 29 October 2014.

Photos of Natmappers from 2011 (thanks to those who took them).

Photos from Laurie McLean's 2009 trip across the Simpson Desert [PDF icon PDF document 664Kb]

Natmap Survey Beacons in good condition after 46 years - courtesy Laurie McLean[PDF icon PDF document 1Mb]

Photos from the XNatMappers 10th Anniversary Reunion - Sunday 14 October 2007
One group of photos | A second group of photos