August 1985 : List of Natmap colleagues who attended Klaus Leppert's retirement lunch, 30 August, 1985. August 1985 : Director Con Veenstra presenting retirement gift to Klaus. August 1985 : Klaus. August 1985 : Klaus with "Balloongram Lady" (arranged by daughter) and Jim Steed seated. August 1985 : Klaus with WA (Alan) Thomson and John Manning (centre background). August 1985 : Klaus with (left) Peter Walkley and (right) Bill Jeffery. August 1985 : (L-R) Ramesh Govind, Jim Steed, Geoff Luton and Bruce Willington. August 1985 : (L-R) Paul McCormack and Charlie Watson. March 1976 : Klaus with Syd Kirkby and Byrne Goodrick at Technical Sub-committee Meeting of the National Mapping Council of Australia, Melbourne. Chair was Natmap Director Tony Bomford. August 1964 : Klaus observing circum meridian latitudes at Tidbinbilla ACT, with Kern DRM3-A. javascript lightbox galleryby v6.1