Orest Jacovlavich [James] (Bob) Bobroff at his retirement function 26 March 1982 Bob inspecting his gift of a chronometer Bobroff and Dave Hocking Carl McMaster, Unknown, Bobroff, Nicole Burke, Alan Scott Invitation to Bobroff's farewell David Roy Hocking and his wife Iris at Dave's retirement function 16 August 1985 Dave being introduced by Alan Thomson Dave Hocking John Manning and Dave Dave and Vic North William Alan (Alan) Thomson and his wife Ruth at Alan's retirement function 12 May 1987 Con Veenstra Con Veenstra and Alan Thomson Ruth and Alan Alan with his brother Geoff (RMIT lecturer in Surveying) (L-R) Geoff Thomson, John Manning, Fred Adamec, Joe Lines, Peter O'Donnell, Alan Thomson, Con Veenstra javascript lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1