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Here we present historical photos from National Mapping's time in Antarctica. If you have any that you'd like to share with us please see our Submissions page for details on size, type and who to send it to.

Historical Photos

  • At Natmap survey station NMS 174 in the Southern Prince Charles Mountains of Antarctica. Photo one shows the rock pillar over the ground mark and the Tellurometer for measuring distance to another station across the Lambert Glacier, while photo two shows the observing tent protecting the theodolite used to measure angles to the distant station.

  • An album of photos of Carl Mcmaster's 1975-76 work in Antarctica.

  • Photos taken during the expedition to the Australian territory of HEARD & McDONALD ISLANDS, in 1980, courtesy Ted Graham (several by John Manning of Walrus aircraft recovery identified individually), plus additional photos.

  • An album of selected photos from Ozcan Ertok from one of his Antarctic journeys.