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Various links to Natmap related content

(Note : The links below take you to external websites. XNATMAP does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations. In addition, their inclusion below does not constitute endorsement by XNATMAP of the information, products or services contained therein.)

  • Natmap's history is part of other history :

    • Every Hill got a Story - contains photos taken by Bob Bobroff and Bob Goldsworthy in 1961 at Jupiter Well (you have to peruse the article to find them).

    • The AGA Museum site in The Netherlands has used XNATMAPís unique photos in their article on the NASM1 Geodimeter (scroll down to find the english version).

    • The video is actually from the then Commonwealth Film Unitís Mapping Australia showing Natmapís survey, photogrammetric and cartographic operations in the mid-1960s. This site also refers to two minidocumentary videos on the theme of Mapping Our World which were made by the National Library of Australia with the first video on the various ways that the continent we now call Australia has appeared and the names that it has been given over the centuries; and the second video is about the race between the French and English explorers, Baudin and Flinders, to chart the coastline of Australia.

  • Photographs taken by Dr David Nash, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Linguistics, School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics at the ANU.
  • More of Chris Rawlins photos of the various trigs of the Broken Hill triangulation network are here.
  • Keith Williams - "NATMAP" 1965 - 1967 photos here.
  • Ted Graham - Finding HMAS Sydney at : www.findingsydney.com

  • US software engineers James Talmage and Damon Maneice created the website thetruesize.com to show what various countries would look like if they were located elsewhere in the world.