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We wish to thank all those who have contributed to the site so far and our current stock of articles, documents and photos will only last a couple more months thereafter What's New will stagnate.

To keep the site fresh your input is continually required. If you enjoy the site please consider contributing to its content.

Thanking you in advance.

The Editors

    ....previous months or so

  • Former Natmap surveyor and then RMIT Lecturer Frank Johnston is credited with devising the mirrors at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance to correct the sun's rays for daylight saving at 11AM on 11 November. Along with the article Mirrors at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance Correct for Daylight Saving Time is Frank's presentation explaining his methodology and a short video.
  • Frank Johnston (Natmap 1971-73) recently gave a presentation on Surveying Methods for Control of Mapping. Frank kindly provided a copy of this presentation which has been converted to a PDF file for easier reading.
  • A multi-million dollar project to rehabilitate a protected island of the Great Barrier Reef prompted Paul Wise to recall his stay on that same island some 45 years ago.
  • Many of us will still remember Ed Ainscow from around the office and others from working with Ed in the field. With the generous assistance of Ed's wife Peggy we have been able to compile this profile of one of Natmap's bushmen.
  • During the 1960s, a number of Natmappers attended the Royal Australian Survey Corps, School of Military Survey, formerly at Balcombe, Victoria. This article attempts to record those who attended and provides information and photographs from the time.
  • The 1800 kilometre long, north-south border between the state of Western Australia and the states of South Australia and the Northern Territory runs east-west for over one hundred metres at latitude 26 degrees south. The opportunity to make the border a single straight line was rejected by the States involved in 1967. More detail can be found in this article.