1962 : At Emu (R-L) Bobroff, Seton, John Stanwix (helicopter pilot). 1962 : (L-R) Des Young and Eric Adams (Cessna pilot) at rear with Len Bentley and Bern Goodrick at Hatches Creek, NT. 1963 : Helicopter pilot George Treatt from Helicopter Utilities. 1965-1968 : VH-EXY and VH-EXZ pilot Neville Cribb from Executive Air Services. 1960s : Arthur Johnson with Gannet aircraft on deck of HMAS Melbourne. 1960s : (L-R) RAN's Darkie Hodges & Arthur Johnson with Nymph glider at Narromine Nationals competition. 1966 : Dornier DO28 VH-EXA pilot Ian Bell from Executive Air Services with Nat Map's Ron Wilson.1966_Dornier DO28 pilot Ian Bell Executive Air Services  Ron Wilson 1968 : Helicopter pilot Harvey Else from Helicopter Utilities. 1969 : (L-R) Dave King (engineer) & Cliff Dohle (pilot) from Jayrow Helicopters. 1969 : (L-R) Eckhart Schneider (engineer), Natmap's Peter Langhorne & Ed Ainscow, Phil Cooke (pilot). Cooke and Schneider from Jayrow Helicopters. 1969 : Helicopter pilot Cliff Dohle from Jayrow Helicopters. 1969 : Helicopter pilot Phil Cooke from Jayrow Helicopters. 1970 : Helicopter pilot Lloyd Knight from Jayrow Helicopters. 1970s  : Roy Rayner (Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer)(courtesy Pauline Rayner). 1970s : Jayrow pilot Peter Clemence. 1971 : VH-EXP pilot Arthur Johnson from Executive Air Services. Arthur also piloted VH-EXZ. 1971 : VH-EXP pilot Bob Barnes from Executive Air Services. 1972 : (L-R) VH-EXZ pilot Ken Stewart  from Executive Air Services with Natmappers Carl McMaster and Frank Johnston. 1972 : VH-EXZ pilot John South from Executive Air Services. John also piloted VH-EXP. 1972 : (L-R) Helicopter pilots Vic Barkell & Howard Bosse with Eckhard Schneider (engineer) from Jayrow Helicopters. 1972 : (L-R) Nat Map's Des Fahey & Bill Stuchbery with VH-EXP pilot Stan Tayler from Executive Air Services. 1974 : VH-EXP pilot Dave Leary from Executive Air Services. 1975 : Captain Christine Davy checking the port engine on a Connair DC-3 at Lajamanu airstrip (Hooker Creek) on Friday 29 August 1975.
(Image taken by Ludo Kuipers; from ozoutback.com.au website) 1977 : (L-R) Nat Map's Oz Ertok & Paul Wise with VH-DNM pilot Pat O'Donohue from Executive Air Services. 1978 : VH-DRB pilot Phil Larnach. 1978 : (L-R) Pilot unknown, Nat Map's Bill Stuchbery, Ed Burke & Rod Menzies, Pilot Dave Foster. Pilots from Stillwell Aviation. 1979 : (L-R) Nat Map's Paul Wise, Peter Prior (pilot VH-DNM) and Mick Lloyd. 1980 : (L-R) Nat Map's Bob Smith & Dave Hocking with pilots Neville Balding & unknown. Pilots from Stillwell Aviation. 1981 : (L-R) Nat Map's Oz Ertok, Terry Mulholland (pilot VH-DNM), Mick Lloyd, Jock Head (co-pilot VH-DNM), Leon Derkacz & Ian Graham. 1984 : Helicopter pilot Graeme Hill-Smith from Central Australian Helicopters, Alice Springs. 1985 (circa) : Captain Christine Davy ready for offshore work in a Lloyd Helicopters Bell 412 (Christine Davy image). 1985 (circa) : Captain Christine Davy at Adelaide with a Lloyd Helicopters Bell 412 (Neva Cavenagh image).
1989 : Nat Map pilot Harry Baker. 1989 : Nat Map pilot Jock Head. 2013 : Ron Newman (image courtesy Ron). javascript lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1