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    Information and Administrative Documents

  • A Staff List printed around early 1973? - courtesy of Ed Burke.
  • Natmappers needed accreditation to drive Commonwealth Government plated vehicles, in addition to their official State Licences. This list shows Natmap Melbourne staff who were issued with Commonwealth licences for the period 1960 - 1985. Most of those listed would have also worked in the field and have had a radio call sign which may be listed in the pages below.
  • Transceiver Call Signs for various years.
  • Bob Goldsworthy's unpublished "A Guide for Natmap Field Party Members" was compiled by Bob just before his untimely passing and never became an 'oficial' document. The document contains much 'accumulated wisdom' on living and working in 'the bush' from 30yrs experience by many Natamap field parties and much is still relevant today to anyone 'going bush' - reproduced with permission.
  • Administrative Instructions for Field Parties. The quick "do's & don'ts" for working in the bush, as well as useful guidelines.
  • The now terminated Australian National Time Signal Service - VNG.
  • If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with only a Traeger TM2/TM3 type radio and some long lengths of wire having a copy of this article might help you talk to the "outside" world!! Was this where it all started with OJB??