Photographs supplied by author Phil Bianchi


Well 35 as reconditioned by Snell's Well Reconstruction Party circa 1929 - courtesy P Bridge collection. Natmap’s Bobroff, Goldsworthy and Johnson took the first motor vehicles into this well in 1961 after leaving Jupiter Well. In the following years this well was a source of water for many Natmap field parties.

Terry Expedition 1925 - courtesy Sophia Flinders. The expedition travelled to (Old) Billiluna then across to Well 51 and onto Well 48. Bill Moyle’s track is believed to have followed some of the same alignment before turning south to Well 45.

Terry Expedition 1925 - courtesy Sophia Flinders. The expedition’s two one ton Guy Roadless trucks with trailers (on the driver’s side panel of the first truck you can make out its name MAILILMA; the other’s name was GWALOWA). Clearly seen is the ‘half-track’ design of the vehicles which is thought to have led to Natmap’s use of the Bombardiers in 1964 in this same area.

Stockyard at Billiluna 1925 – courtesy Sophia Flinders. By 1964 this area was known as Old Billiluna on the Billiluna-Balgo road and was the starting point for Bill Moyle’s track.  

Well 45 circa 1980 - courtesy Dave Morton. Well 45 was the southern limit of the track that Bill Moyle scraped for Natmap under contract. The Bombardiers were transported to this site to scrape a track further south to Well 35 but they failed.