their general deterioration over time


Paul Wise





As Laurie Mclean describes in his article “CANNING STOCK ROUTE - Some Background Notes”, he and others traversed sections of the Canning so pictures of some of the wells date back to the early 1960s. These photos came from various sources John Allen, O.J. (Bob) Bobroff and the H.A. (Bill) Johnson (via Des Young), R.W. (Bob) Goldsworthy & Jim Combe collections.


In the late 1960s Dave Chudleigh (then from the Australian Survey Office, Canberra) together with Rus Wenholz traversed the Canning and Rus was kind enough to provide me with a CD containing their photos. Unfortunately, this set is incomplete as they lost slides when their vehicle was broken into. Dave’s account of their journey can be read here.


Laurie McLean et al travelled the Canning in 2007 and 2010 and provided me with their photos on CD.


A further series of photographs of some of the wells is contained in “Canning Stock Route – A Travellers Guide” by R &E Gard (ISBN:0-9586715-1-6). These photographs cover the intervening period of the 1970s-2000 but copyright restricts their showing here.


Photo layout


These four eras of photographs, although incomplete, provides a unique insight into the condition of the wells over time. There are wells that have been restored in the 4WD era, wells that are struggling to retain their structure against rust & rot and outright vandalism, and wells that have naturally become dusty holes or overgrown depressions.


It is unfortunate that Wells like 35 and 43 which supplied water to National Mapping field parties, especially during the geodetic survey of the 1960s, are among those which have deteriorated the most.


I have used only Well and Water names that could readily be sourced from readily available Canning material although all wells appear to now have an indigenous name.


All photos are used with permission and copyright applies.


1961 & 62

by H.A. Johnson


1967 & 68

by Wenholz &

Chudleigh (ASO)


by McLean &

O’Connor (ex-Natmap)


by McLean, O’Connor,

Porteous (ex-Natmap)







No. 1 Well







No. 1A Well North Pool



From Web to complete set



No. 2 Well














No. 2A Well





No. 3 Well






No. 3A Well



From Web to show comparison



No. 4A Well





Windich Springs between No. 4A & 4B Wells






No. 4B Well





No. 5 Well





No. 6 Well Pierre Spring






No. 7 Well






No. 8 Well






No. 9 Well Weld Spring






No. 10 Well





No. 11 Well Goodwin Soak





No. 12 Well






No. 13 Well






No. 14 Well






No. 15 Well






No. 16 Well





No. 17 Water Killagurra





No. 18 Well





No. 19 Well Kunanaggi






No. 20 Well





No. 21 Well





No. 22 Well





No. 23 Well





No. 24 Well





No. 25 Well





No. 26 Well





No. 27 Well





No. 28 Well





No. 29 Well






No. 30 Well Dunda Jinnda





No. 31 Well






No. 32 Well





No. 33 Well


Modern mill at Well 33; original well site hidden

by scrub some 15m east



No. 34 Well Nibil




No. 35 Well Minjoo




No. 36 Well Wanda





No. 37 Well Libral





No. 38 Well  Wardabunni




No. 39 Well Murguga





No. 40 Well Waddawalla





No. 41 Well Tiru




No. 42 Well Guli





No. 43 Well Billowaggi





No. 44 Well




No. 45 Well





No. 46 Well Kuduarra





No. 47 Well






No. 48 Well




No. 49 Well





No. 50 Well





No. 51 Well Weriaddo








Compiled April 2012