The Inter-governmental Advisory Committee on Surveying and Mapping was established in 1988 by agreement between the Prime Minister, State Premiers and the Northern Territory Chief Minister. Outlined below is the sequence of actions which led to the formation of the Committee and to its inaugural meeting.


National Mapping Council recommendation

At its forty-fourth meeting in Sydney during 11-13 November 1986 the National Mapping Council, at Resolution 430, recommended that it be dissolved and replaced by an Inter-governmental Advisory Committee on Surveying and Mapping.


Ministerial correspondence

On 29 October 1987 the Hon Stewart West, MP, Minister for Administrative Services, wrote to the Prime Minister seeking his agreement for the formation of the IGACSM as proposed in NMC Resolution 430; and recommending that Commonwealth representation on the new Committee comprise the General Manager, Australian Surveying and Land Information Group and nominees of the Minister for Defence.

On 17 December 1987 the Minister for Defence wrote to the Minister for Administrative Services nominating the Director of Survey-Army and the Hydrographer, Royal Australian Navy.


Heads of government agreement

On 15 February 1988 the Prime Minister wrote to the Premiers and Chief Minister seeking their concurrence with the NMC's recommendation for the IGACSM to be established; a copy of the text of the letter is at Annex A (below).

Replies to the Prime Minister's request were received from the Premiers or appropriate Ministers during March-June 1988. Concurrence was unanimous.


Inaugural meeting arranged

On 17 June 1988 Mr G.K. Lindsay, General Manager, Australian Surveying and Land Information Group, Department of Administrative Services wrote to the nominated Commonwealth, State and Northern Territory representatives advising that he would host the Committee's inaugural meeting at University House, Canberra during 25-26 July 1988.