1955 : Acton Offices main drawing room Photogrammetric Section, Acton Offices, Canberra, c1951
Plannimetric Mapping 1:250 000 scale, 1948-1951
Rear (L-R) : John Yarra (OIC), Mr Young , Harry Vivian, Trevor Trevillian
Front (L-R) : Ron Graham and Mr Magassy c1960s : Main drawing room Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Staff photos c1960s Byrne Goodrick, Chief Cartographer, Map Production Branch, with his staff 7th floor Derwent House, 1965
Front Row only L-R : Trevor Trevillian, Willis Crocker, Betty Hobbs, Bert Reaby, Norm Williams, Byrne, Jim Scherrenberg, Harry Vivian, John Yarra, Bill Griffiths, Neville Malone Some of the Aerocharting and International Map of the World Production Team, c1966
L-R : Carlos Smitz, Alison Stewart, John Yarra, Elfieda Eggan, Brian Tink, Bob Comley Some of the Topographic Mapping 1:250 000 scale Production Team 1965
L-R : Bob Comley, John Yarra (OIC), John Evans, Bob Kershaw, Carlos Smitz, Lindell Frost, Elfieda Eggan, Peter May, John Van de Graff, Mario Benassi, Claude Crowe, Brian Tink, Bert Reaby, Trevor Trevillian L-R : Norm Williams, Betty Hobbs, Tony Bomford, Byrne Goodrick, Bruce Lambert, and Bob Robinson Heads of the Geographic Section
(L-R) : Geoff Parkinson, Laurie Hazelwood, Trevor Plumb, and Val Ceplecha L-R : Bruce Lambert - Director, Assistant Director GRL (Rim) Rimington, Bert Hurren 1977 : L-R : John Luck, Peter Langhorne, Tony Bomford - Director, Byrne Goodrick, John Yarra Natmap Readers Digest Production Team 1977-78
Standing (L-R) : Bruce Field, Bill Haalebos, Wally Jancevski, Murray de Plater, Colin Kimber, Peter Brown, Neville Voysey, Wally Tatarow, Harry Vivian
Seated (L-R) : John Yarra, Tony Bomford, Byrne Goodrick 1986 : L-R : Bruce Lambert, Con Veenstra - Director, GRL (Rim) Rimington, Ken Johnson jquery lightbox php by VisualLightBox.com v5.6