Bronze Age Trig : Menhir de Kerloas

48 25' 36" N 04 40' 45" W


Menhir de Kerloas, 2016 photographed by Bill Stuchbery

Menhir is the French word for standing stone. Menhir de Kerloas, was erected about 5000 years ago on a ridge 132 meters above sea level. Visible for 30 kilometres it was a significant landmark for sailors.

Menhir de Kerloas, located in the town of Plouarzel in Brittany near the west coast of France, is considered the highest menhir currently standing. Originally 12 meters high, it is only 9.5 metres high today after an eighteenth century lightning strike. The menhir is of granite having its sides surfaced in a typical technique of the Bronze Age. Wedging stones at its base, form a raised circular surface. Its weight is estimated at 150 tonnes and its circumference, at ground level, is some 6 meters.

XNATMAP, May 2016