Outback travel Are we there yet? Bush bashing Natmap Cairn Desert camp Chopper fuel dump Returning to base Mesa Mesa Dave Thompson & new "friend" Idyllic campsite Idyllic camp "Is the water cold, Lawrie"? (Lawrie O'Connor with Alan Mould on the bank) Outback "manscaping" with stylists Neil Fenton (L) and Terry Douglas (R), Lawrie O'Connor reclining on swag. VH-UTZ on charter from Helicopter Utilities. Famous "naked" pilot Take-off from camp Aerodist station under construction with Lawrie O'Connor (L) & Len Tyzack (R). Undertaking a Tellurometer measurement (L) Murray Porteous & (R) Alan Mould. Alan Mould Murray P - keeping in shape. Are you sure those witness posts have enough concrete to hold them securely??? jquery simple lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v5.6