Bill Jeffery’s Photographs

Courtesy: Neale Jeffery



From late 1960s to mid 1970s

Birdsville Hotel

Diamantina River

“Dig” tree

The easternmost sandridge Simpson Desert


Alice Springs

View to Heavitree Gap from Underdown’s Alice Springs Hotel roof

Memorial on Anzac Hill in the pre-dawn

“The Alice” in the pre-dawn (Alice Springs Hotel central white building)

Heavitree Gap

Entering Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm


3rd Order Levelling NT & WA

Bill with Koni 007 automatic level (unique photo despite quality)

Bill with Koni 007 automatic level

Vehicle problems – (L-R) Unknown & Bill Jeffery

Vehicle maintenance – (L-R) Unknown

Unknown with Koni 007 automatic level

Sign at entrance to Yuendumu Mission

Unknown’s ‘bedroom in the bush’


Best efforts could not elicit names for Unknowns in above photos.

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