1969 TG038 Geodetic survey camp Warrambungle Ranges NSW, Bobroff in vehicle doorway and Mick Tonks and others in background. 1969 TG263 Geodetic survey observing party of David Yates and Mick Tonks at old NSW cairn. 1969 TG084 Geodetic survey party member David Yates, Warrumbungle Ranges, NSW. 1969 TG102 Geodetic survey party member David Yates, Warrumbungle ranges, NSW. 1969 TG111 Geodetic survey party at unknown cairn. 1969 TG146 Geodetic survey observing party of (L-R) Peter Langhorne and Adrian Wright. 1969 TG307 Geodetic survey camp on washing day above Mossman, Eddie Ainscow's face. 1969 TG306 Geodetic survey party in main street of Coen. 1969 TG051 Geodetic survey party on Cape York, on telegraph line access road to Bamaga. 1969 TG048 Geodetic survey party Cape York, near Bamaga. 1969 TG064 Geodetic survey party convoy on Cape York near Bamaga. 1969 TG226 Geodetic survey party on Cape York at Weipa turn-off. 1969 TG063 Geodetic survey party Forward Control Land Rover crossing the Jardine River. 1969 TG028 Geodetic survey line clearing Cape York, Bill Jeffrey, David Yates, Mick Tonks. 1969 TG211 Geodetic survey party cleared line in rain forest north Queensland. 1969 TG270 Geodetic survey camp at Daintree. 1969 TG269 Geodetic survey camp at Iron Range. 1969 TG057 Geodetic survey party camp on Cape York, Bill Jeffrey (back to camera), Eric Wilson, Frank McCoy and another. 1969 TG272 Geodetic survey camp Cape York, (L-R) Terry Wignell, Chris Young, Derek Ireland, Eddie Ainscow, Eric Wilson. 1969 TG046 Geodetic survey camp Cape York, Peter Langhorne standing blue shirt, David Yates foreground and others. 1969 TG271 Geodetic survey party vehicles. 1969 TG231 Geodetic survey party at Tropic marker, comprising Mick Tonks, Chris Young, Terry Wignell, Adrian Wright, Bruce Willington, Gary Overnall, David Yates, Derek Ireland. 1969 TG279 Geodetic survey at Brisbane, Wright, Willington, Wignell, Ainscow, Young, Ireland, Tonks, Turner, Yates, Overnall and Leppert at centre. 1969 TG280 Geodetic survey party members David Yates, Terry Wignell, Gary Overnall. 1970 TG026 Ground marking, WA Bedford ZSU 311 new in 1970 and driven by Ted Graham. 1970 TG305 Ground marking, WA vehicle convoy. 1970 TG117 Ground marking, WA Great Victoria Desert, (L-R) Alan Vecchi, Reg Ford, Peter Blake, Ted Graham, Roy Turner, Bob Goldsworthy (obscured), Eddie Ainscow. 1970 TG105 Ground marking, WA preparation for crossing boggy ground. 1970 TG233 Ground marking, WA Yeo Lakes camp had to be spread out due to boggy ground. 1970 TG150 Ground marking, WA camp with (L-R) Graham McNamara, Ted Graham and Roy Turner. 1970 TG170 Ground marking, WA base barometric observations at benchmark. 1970 TG079 Ground marking, WA VH-BLN with Bedford support vehicle. 1970 TG232 Ground marking, WA sandridge pattern. 1970 TG145 Ground marking, WA VH-BLN with Paul McCormack finalising fieldbook before departure. 1970 TG141 Ground marking, WA camp near benchmark. 1970 TG002 Ground marking, WA VH-SFS at completed station. 1970 TG157 Ground marking, WA VH-SFS at completed station. 1970 TG479 Ground marking, WA VH-SFS at cairn north of Carnegie into the Gibson Desert. 1970 TG92 Ground marking, WA spot-photo marking with lime and water. 1970 TG100 Ground marking, WA Jayrow Helicopters chartered Cessna used for crew change ex Alice Springs at Warburton Mission, unknown on wing, Dave King, Jayrow Engineer, standing. 1970 TG248 Ayres Rock from Jayrow chartered Cessna VH-ICU in July. 1970 TG029 Ground marking, WA Bill Witzand at Warburton Misssion. 1970 TG018 Ground marking, WA desert track (WAPET Track) Gary Junction to Sandfire after good rain. 1970 TG015 Ground marking, WA welcoming roadside sign. 1970 TG256 Ground marking, WA roadside sign at Neds Creek Junction. 1970 TG142 Ground marking, WA old Beadell sign. 1970 TG304 Ground marking, WA at Well 23 Canning Stock Route. 1970 TG163 Ground marking, WA vehicle convoy refuelling at NT-WA border on todays Kiwirrkurra Road. 1970 TG250 Ground marking sub-party, Bob Goldsworthy and Dave Abreu at Devils Marbles, NT. 1970 TG264 Ground marking sub-party, Simon Cowling and unknown looking for original Qld-NT border marks. 1970 TG125 Ground marking party members testing levels outside Corone's hotel in Charleville, Queensland, Simon Cowling, Peter Blake, Bob Goldsworthy and Dave Abreu holding staff. 1971 TG004  Aerodist operations, NSW Aerodist remote testing at Dubbo, (L-R) Con Veenstra, Michael Lloyd, unknown, Neville Stonehouse, Lawrie O'Connor. 1971 TG143 Aerodist operations, NT at NMG263 in Simpson Desert. 1971 TG155 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO slinging fuel. 1971 TG120 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO service. 1971 TG009  Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO and VH-EXZ probably at Lake Nash,  (L-R) unknown, unknown,  EXZ pilot Graham Galliot. 1971 TG159 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO after incident at take-off Lake Nash. 1971 TG158 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO after incident at take-off Lake Nash. 1971 TG203 Aerodist operations, NT damaged helicopter VH-UHO at Lake Nash with replacement helicopter (VH-ANC) in background. 1971 TG007  Aerodist operations, NT after ZSU 311 rollover near Ti Tree Roadhouse. 1971 TG077 Aerodist operations, NT vehicle convoy at The Granites with Simon Cowling and Laurie McLean standing. 1971 TG281 Aerodist operations, NT at Rabbit Flat. 1971 TG162 Aerodist operations, NT at Rabbit Flat tent motel. 1971 TG282 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO on take-off at Rabbit Flat. 1971 TG005 Aerodist operations, NT Bedford ZSU 311 and the then near new but defective Aerodist caravan probably at Rabbit Flat. 1971 TG302 Aerodist operations, NT VH-UHO probably at Rabbit Flat. 1971 TG164 Aerodist operations, WA encounter with difficult sandhill 1971 TG166 Aerodist operations, WA when crossing sandhill goes wrong 1971 TG167 Aerodist operations, WA when crossing sandhill goes wrong 1971 TG011 Aerodist operations, WA helicopter VH-UHO at NMF366 camp south of Christmas Creek. 1971 TG267 Aerodist operations, WA VH-UHO on station. 1971 TG173 Aerodist operations, WA International chassis ZSU 374 enroute Balgo. 1971 TG172 Aerodist operations, WA installing Aerodist office-workshop caravan on new International chassis ZSU 374 at Balgo. 1971 TG124 Aerodist operations, NT at Jupiter Well. 1972 TG277  Aerodist operations, WA at Caiguna (L-R) Carl McMaster, Ken Stewart (EXZ pilot), Frank Johnston, John Ely and Paul Wise (back). 1972 TG140 Aerodist operations, WA VH-BLN from VH-BLO at take-off. 1972 TG301 Aerodist operations, WA Landrover with likely broken back axle on Nullarbor Plain.
1972 TG091 Aerodist operations, WA limestone cave entrance, Nullarbor Plain. 1972 TG027 Aerodist operations, WA remote operator Bill Forster, Nullarbor Plain. 1972 TG013 Aerodist operations, WA VH-EXZ and helicopters probably at Wiluna. 1972 TG110 Aerodist operations, WA VH-EXZ on low pass prior to swag drop. 1972 TG112 Aerodist operations, WA VH-EXZ about to drop swag from rear cargo door. 1972 TG131 Aerodist operations, WA with Mick Lloyd and Peter Salkowski at remote station. 1972 TG132 Aerodist operations, WA at SA Lands station on WA-SA border as SA Lands used GI pipe to mark stations in sandridge country. 1972 TG255 Aerodist operations, WA helicopter on approach for party pick-up. 1972 TG161 Aerodist operations, WA VH-BLO at trig. 1972 TG133 Aerodist operations, WA at centre party camp Featherstonhaugh, hot water service. 1972 TG217  Aerodist operations, WA VH-EXZ with VH-EXP in the background at Featherstonhaugh to collect Paul Wise to join the Laser Profiling party. 1972 TG160 Aerodist operations, WA helicopter support camp. 1972 TG012 Aerodist operations, WA remote party camp at a geodetic survey station, Ted Rollo standing. 1972 TG201 Aerodist operations, Montebellos with Caroline M in Sams Creek loading for offshore islands. 1972 TG128 Aerodist operations, Montebellos,  Mermaid Shoal south of Barrow Island occupied by Ted Graham and Dave Dzur. 1972 TG243  Aerodist operations, Esperance area. 1972 TG156 Aerodist operations, Esperance area. 1972 TG241  Aerodist operations, Esperance area from Mt Ragged back to vehicle stop. 1973 Queensland border survey TG114. 1973 Queensland border survey observation ladder TG309. 1973 Queensland bordery survey TG113. 1974 TG033  Aerodist operations, wreckage of Bedford ZSU 311 after the Eyre Highway accident - Bruce Hewitt. 1974 TG034  Aerodist operations, wreckage of Bedford ZSU 311 after the Eyre Highway accident. 1974 TG261 Bill Stutchberry at Rawlinna. 1975-76 TG068 MV Cape Pillar, Shark Bay WA. 1975-76 TG138 DT Burrowaree. Typical Natmap camp with view TG308. 1970 newspaper advertisement for Natmap TTO's. javascript lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1