Peter Walkley Image Gallery 2020


Most of the images below from Peter Walkley’s National Mapping days were kindly provided by his sister Linda Klintworth (exceptions are noted in relevant captions).

Several of Peewee’s Nat Map colleagues kindly provided these other images or assisted with image identification.

Of course, as four of five decades had since passed, some identification challenges were involved.

Thank you to Charlie Watson, Brian Murphy, Phil Allen, Andy Rodgers, Steve Yates and Vicki McRae.


1. On MV Cape Pillar helicopter deck May 1987 during Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs survey off NSW coast.  From left: Peter Kaczerepa, Vicki Charman, Maris Legzde, Bill Jeffery, Steve Yates, Peter Walkley, Geoff Starkey, and Charlie Watson.

2. Light house on a Great Barrier Reef island with part of the 50 ft Miniranger mast visible.  From left: Michael (Schultz) Dowhy, Paul McCormack, and Charlie Watson.

3. Paul McCormack crossing Charlotte Street outside Cooktown Post Office circa November 1989.

4. Memorial to lives lost in the 1899 cyclone at Cape Melville, Queensland.  The 9 white people are listed but not the 300 Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders who also died.

5. Peter Walkley untying the gate sides on a Nat Map ACCO International truck at Townsville wharf 1981.

6. Bathymetric party members at Townsville wharf 1981; from left: John Corcoran, Paul McCormack, unidentified, Mark Elphick, Mick Skinner, and Charlie Watson (back to camera).

7. Peter Walkley at the helm of MV Cape Pillar.

8. Paul McCormack on TSMV Febrina with the catch of the day (Spanish mackerel-Scomberomorus commerson).

9. Peter Walkley undertaking a tide gauge calibration circa 1989 in Victoria.

10. Peter Walkley working on tide calculations at a field location.

11. Peter Walkley monitoring the echo sounder on MV Cape Pillar.

12. Peter Walkley connecting a solar panel on a structure in Hydrographers Passage through the Great Barrier Reef off Mackay.

13. Lowering (or recovering) the LARC-V (Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 5 tons) on the port side of MV Cape Pillar.

14. Lowering the work boat on starboard side of MV Cape Pillar with Peter Walkley, Steve Yates, unidentified Cape Pillar crew member, and John Bray (in blue overalls).  The Nat Map consort sounding launch is in the forward davit.

15. About to lower a work boat on the starboard side of MV Cape Pillar.  In boat: Rod Willis (white overalls), John Bray (pale blue overalls).  On deck: Boson Holman (blue singlet), ship’s engineer (white overalls), ship’s officer (khaki), others inidentified.

16. Lowering the cradle for a BMTR (bottom mounted tide gauge) into a work boat from the starboard side of MV Cape Pillar.

17. From left: Michael Dowhy, Andy Rodgers, Frank Blanchfield, Steve Yates, Captain Gordon Maxwell, Phil Doolan, Peter Walkley, Jim Clarke, and John Sutton.  Taken on MV Cape Pillar during her cruise from 23 March to 13 April 1989 surveying Holmes Reef, Diamond Islet and Lihou Reef.

18. Nat Map 6-wheel drive Land Rovers with Michael (Schultz) Dowhy circa 1989.

19. Nat Map Levelling party on Mt Cook Far North Queensland 1967, from left unidentified, Harry Granger, Peter Walkley, unidentified, John Woodger, Ken Byrne, Mike Whelan, last 2 unidentified.

20. John Woodger with C1300 International at Mackay circa1968

21. Klaus Leppert at the John Oxley memorial Booligal October 1967.

22. Harry Granger at the John Oxley memorial Booligal October 1967.

23. Nat Map levelling party at Carnarvon October 1969, from left: Don Gray, Peter Walkley, Doug Conlan junior (Gascoyne Hotel), Joe Murray, Philip Allen, and John Woodger (a Phil Allen image).


24. Peter Walkley, in contemplation, back in the Geodetic Survey Branch office at the GIO Building, Northbourne Avenue Canberra circa 1972.

25. Andy Rodgers with T2 theodolite and JMR satellite receiver antenna at NM/E/94 Wilson Bluff South Australia circa May 1982.

26. Andy Rodgers at NM/E/94 Wilson Bluff camp South Australia circa May 1982.

27. Peter Walkley in contemplation out in the bush.

28. Peter Walkley cooking the sausages.

29 From left: Peter Walkley, Klaus Leppert and Bill Jeffery at Klaus’s retirement function September 1985 (XNatmap library image).

30. Levelling people at the Parap Hotel Darwin 1968, from left: Peter Walkley, unidentified, Andy Rodgers; future Mrs Mooney, Dick Mooney, and Ken Byrne.

31. Peter Walkley tinkering with an FJ45 series Toyota ute.

32. Peter Walkley circa 2000 at the Wauchope Yesteryear Truck and Machinery Show with a B model Mack.

33. Peter Walkley and companion at his Wagga Wagga Agricultural College graduation ceremony circa 1966.

34. From left: Peter Walkley, unidentified, and Phil Taylor on Phil’s wedding day in Queensland.

35. From left: Ross Edmonds, Linda Walpole (Nat Map Sales and Information), Tom Mueller, unidentified, and Peter Walkley circa early 1980s.

36: From left Linda Walpole, Peter Walkley, Noel Templeman, Templeman child, and Judy Templeman circa early 1980s.

37. PeterWalkley at a trigonometrical survey station possibly on the Great Australian Bight coast, date uncertain.

38. Searching for Homebush Lookout trig mark near Mackay on 10 October 1970.  From left: John Martin, Andy Rogers, Peter Walkley, and Kevin Lonergan (a Brian Murphy image).

39. On MV Cape Pillar helicopter deck May 1987 during Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs survey.  Standing from left: Peter Kaczerepa, Maris Legzde, Vicki Charman, Bill Jeffery, Geoff Starkey, and Steve Yates.  Kneeling from left: Peter Walkley, and Charlie Watson (a Vicki McRae image).

40. May 1987:Vicki Charman and Peter Walkley at the wreck of the SS Runic (III) (14,500 dead weight tons) that ran aground on Middleton Reef on 19 February 1961; all of her 69 crew members were evacuated (a Vicki McRae image).