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  • Video explaining the functioning of Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1 (ERTS-1), later Landsat-1, and proposed use of its data. Perhaps dated now with the launch of Landsat-8 but nonetheless interesting to see the technology.

  • Two videos from the 1990s showcasing Australia's space credentials including remote sesnsing and with footage from ACRES operations.
    One is Australia in Space (19min-60Mb) and the second Observing Australia (11min-35Mb).
  • Video "Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica" (LIMA) [5mins].

  • MicroBRIAN - a PC based image analysis system - CSIRO video.

  • Robert Denize's short video of the first use of an Optical Tape Recorder at ACRES; the low resolution version may be viewed via this link and the full resolution version via this link.