Some Familiar Faces : February 2020

Courtesy Tricia Hatfield

Maria Pasco, Tricia Hatfield and Diana Vlahovich

Eva Pesti and Magda Rampal

Adrian Rynberk and Derek Goodin

Harry and Lyn Baker

Roy Turner, Ian and Maria Pasco

Milton Biddle, Andrew Hatfield and Harry Baker

Russel Hughes

Harry Baker and Michael Lloyd

Steve Pinwill


Some Familiar Faces : September 2019

Courtesy Tricia Hatfield

Diana Vlahovich

Alan Scott

Adrian Rynberk

Russel Hughes

(L-R) Alan Scott, Milton Biddle, Russel Hughes, Graeme Lawrence, Andrew Hatfield

(L-R) Ian Pasco and Joy Shiell

(L-R) Alan Scott and Steve Pinwill

(L-R) Milton Biddle and Russel Hughes

(L-R) Graeme Lawrence and Diana Vlahovich

(Rear L-R) Alan Scott, Derek Goodin, Andrew Hatfield (front) Diana Vlahovich



Some Familiar Faces : March 2019

Courtesy Tricia Hatfield

Michael Lloyd

Steve Pinwill

Milton Biddle

Graeme Lawrence

Derek Goodin & Gus Dominguez

Norm Oliver, Harry Baker & Graeme Lawrence

Diana Vlahovich, Norm Oliver & Derek Goodin

Ian Pasco & Diana Vlahovich

Maria Pasco, Andrew Hatfield & Graeme Lawrence

Dave Goldsmith & Ian Pasco

Diana Vlahovich, (partially hidden Maria Pasco & Dave Goldsmith), Ian Pasco & Norm Oliver