Heard Island and McDonald islands location map. Heard Island map showing Rayner Rib. 1948 : Roy Rayner HMAS Cerberus (courtesy Pauline Rayner). 1948 : Roy Rayner after joining Royal Australian Navy (courtesy Nell Rayner). 1948 : HMS Gamecock - RAN Trainee Group Class 23A (courtesy Les Matterson). 1950 : Roy Rayner at age 20 in the United Kingdom (courtesy Mary Rayner). 1950s : Roy Rayner on the flight deck (courtesy Nell Rayner). 1954 : Roy Rayner at sea at age 24 (courtesy Mary Rayner). HMAS Sydney, the RAN aircraft carrier on which Roy Rayner was to serve on five separate occasions - shown here in 1950 (courtesy Nell Rayner). 1964-65 : Roy Rayner (front right) at Old Top Springs, NT (courtesy Nell Rayner). 1968 : Christening of Mark Rayner, Darwin (L-R) Ian Badman, Paul Rayner, Pauline Rayner holding baby Mark, Ernie, Roy, Mary and John Rayner (courtesy Mary Rayner). 1970s : (L-R) Roy Rayner with siblings Merna and Ernie (courtesy Pauline Rayner). 1970s : Roy Rayner with Pearl Ogden (courtesy Pauline Rayner). 1980 : February at Fremantle loading VH-TIY on to MV Cape Pillar. 1980 : Heard Island Commemorative Document. 1980 : Hughes 500 VH-TIY at Heard Island.
1980 : March at Heard Island, MV Cape Pillar. 1947 : Walrus at Atlas Cove Heard Island - an ANARE image. 1980 : Walrus at Atlas Cove Heard Island with Big Ben in background. 1980 : Walrus at Atlas Cove Heard Island. 1980 : Walrus recovery at Atlas Cove Heard Island. 2002 : Walrus ex Heard Island 1947 restored 2002 – an RAAF image. jquery lightbox caption by VisualLightBox.com v5.6