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Published Documents or Reports

  • Papers by Natmappers or about Natmap equipment or techniques in University of New South Wales (UNSW) :

      Report on Colloquium Control for Mapping by Geodetic and Photogrammetric Methods (Ed. P.V. Angus-Leppan) held at the University of New South Wales, 22-24 May, 1967.

      Conference on Refraction Effects in Geodesy and Conference on Electronic Distance Measurement (REF-EDM), UNSW November 1968.

      Proceedings of Symposium on Earth's Gravitational Field and Secular Variations in Position, The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, 26-30 November 1973.

      Surveying with GPS, by RW King, EG Masters, C Rizos, A Stolz, J Collins, 1985.

  • Bruce Philip Lambert, the third and longest serving Director of National Mapping (1951-1977), wrote numerous papers during this time; the more significant are presented here.
  • BPL's formal biography is available here and a photo of Bruce being presented with his 1988 certificate by members of the Institution of Surveyors is here.

  • Con Veenstra (Director Natmap 1982-1987) also presented numerous papers and represented both Natmap and Australia at various meetings and conferences as listed here.
  • Available National Mapping Technical Reports and NMC Special Publications.
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