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Diverse, Mapping Related, Articles

  • April 2015 commemorated 100 years since our nation's involvement in the First World War. Frank J. Doolan's 1934 paper The Survey of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, provides another view of that monument's design and construction. The Shrine was carefully designed so that a natural ray of sunlight would fall on the word love, on the Stone of Remembrance at 11am. For the next five thousand years the design would see that this event occurred within 2 minutes of 11am on 11 November. Melbourne's adoption of daylight saving time in 1971/72, however, caused a problem which was solved with mirrors.
  • The Lost Tribe (More correctly survivors of a lost society unable to continue without the other groups which formed the fabric of a culture that had sustained their people for 25,000 years) by Bob Goldsworthy. This article was first printed in Natmap News 50 of December 1984, but is republished here along with another referenced article. Photos of the encounter taken by Bob, Bobroff, Ed Burke & Jim Combe can be found here.
  • Wells of the Canning Stock Route, which supplied water to the parties of the geodetic survey, Aerodist and others, have almost disappeared. Photographs of the Wells of the CSR from several sources, taken in the 1960s & 2000s and supplied to Paul Wise, show the well's general deterioration over time.
  • Notes on the Canning Stock Route and related Explorers who first went into the western deserts of Australia

  • Author Phil Bianchi kindly supplied some later material related to the Canning Stock Route (CSR). The official photograph of AW Canning, from the Battye Library, WA that our website had been using was shown to be incorrect. A mistake was made by the library in captioning a photo and the error has been, and is still being, perpetuated by many authors and websites. The attached explains how the error was found and now our website contains the correct photograph of Canning.

    Phil also supplied a number of photos relating to places mentioned in the above CSR articles. These photos can be viewed here.

  • Circa early 1970s Track Notes to drive from Laverton To Ayers Rock via Warburton (WARNING : these notes are some 40 years old and are provided for their historical value and not for navigational purposes as the tracks and their locations have changed).
  • Not all mapping is about discovery as reported in "Australian scientists 'undiscover' south Pacific island".
  • A dated (circa mid-1980s) but nonetheless interesting technical insight into the DETERMINATION OF MAGNETIC DECLINATION.